Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro update adds Vo2Max, sleep breathing quality and more


A firmware update for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is currently making the rounds. It adds Vo2Max, sleep breathing quality, support for interval training and more.

The device was released in China in July. There are indicators that we should see in Europe and the wider global market in the near future. These come in the form of an EU Declaration of Conformity that was spotted recently, as well as images shared on Reddit of what is claimed to be the International Edition.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro update – software version 1.3.38

Possibly in preparation for the global release, Xiaomi released a software update earlier today. And it’s a pretty heavy one. For starters, it allows the device to display VO2Max, an important fitness level indicator for those who run and cycle. Related to this, users will also have the option to do interval training with direct guidance from the device.

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The Chinese tech giant has also improved sleep stats with sleep breathing quality. The quality of breathing during sleep is closely related to your daily life. Poor quality breathing at night can lead to fatigue during the day. Various factors can affect this, including posture, weight, alcohol consumption and more. Xiaomi MI Band 7 now has the ability to calculate a sleep breathing quality score and flag any suspected breathing difficulties.

Beyond that, other updates that are part of software 1.3.38 include tweaks to always-on display, a larger selection of watch faces, and more. Here is the complete change-log.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pro 7 Update

You can wait to be notified when the update is available. The other option is to force the update by going to the “Device” page of the smartphone app, clicking “Update”. The app will then check if any updates are available and let you know.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is a fitness band that doesn’t look like a fitness band. And this is the main difference from the basic version – the design. The wearable comes with a large 1.64-inch AMOLED display that’s more reminiscent of a smartwatch than an activity band. The other big addition over the non-Pro edition is the built-in GPS. Those who have the vanilla version will have to make do with the connected GPS.

You can read our detailed comparison of the two Gen 7 editions at this link.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 update – software version

Also available is our detailed detailed hands-on review of Mi Band 7. The laptop ticks all the boxes for someone looking for a budget activity band. It just does the job and you have a choice of smartphone apps to use it with. There’s a host of health and fitness tracking smarts to sink your teeth into, including continuous SpO2 monitoring with alerts. This is coupled with excellent battery life and water resistance. Plus, you get a sleek AMOLED display inside the sporty body.

Mi Band 7 also received a firmware update. But the firmware version that landed a few days ago is much finer than the Pro update. Along with the usual bug fixes, it only adds a battery manager and night mode.

The non-Pro can be picked up for around $60 (check the price on Amazon). The Pro is slightly more expensive (check price/availability on Amazon). As mentioned, for now you can only get the Chinese edition.

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