Washington commanders must fire defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio


It's time to go.

It’s time to go.
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Jackass, I mean Jack Del Rio’s last bout of idiocy was caused by the fact that he was a football coach. It’s instead of kicking his ass to minimize an insurgency.

The Commanders defensive coordinator was brought to Washington by defense-minded head coach Ron Rivera to help sculpt and improve the young defensive gems the team had spent the past few years drafting. The franchise hasn’t been able to grow with a regular quarterback in 30 years, so why not build around a defense and hope you score enough points to win a title?

It’s a bold strategy, but at least the team had direction.

Yes, we are two weeks into the NFL season and the Commanders are 1-1. They faced the Jaguars and Lions, two of the league’s surprise teams to start the season. Washington’s defense is clearly not ready to stop an NFL base attack. Over the past few months, let’s take a look at how Del Rio has improved Commander Defense! Still looking? Maybe for a while if not forever. He’s not cutting it in Washington and if the team’s struggles continue, he will be greeted of Dan Snyder’s organization first. Which would say a lot.

I would say that Rivera is not yet in the hot seat himself. Carson Wentz’s development isn’t his burden just yet, as he’s done enough in both games to win. Wentz’s errors clearly didn’t come from the sidelines in either game. He looked like Peyton Manning and then Ryan Leaf sometimes. You never know what will follow! It’s the opposite end of the spectrum for Del Rio. The pattern and lack of adjustments in the game are piling up and left Detroit with a huge lead last week. It’s also how Jacksonville nearly topple Washington in Week 1.

The commanders are near the bottom of the league when it comes to every defensive stat. In total yards allowed, they are tied for sixth with Tennessee and Pittsburgh. Washington is in the bottom half in passing yards and rushing yards allowed respectively. It’s much worse with their ground stop, which is the second-to-last in the NFL. The Commanders are also tied for fourth in points allowed (58) with the Rams and Falcons. Quite a resume, Jack.

Let’s look at the individual performances. Who on the commanders has the defense improved significantly from last season? Darrick Forest? Cole Holcomb? Sure, there are a few cases on the back. With Washington’s wealth, that’s far from enough. Chase Young is injured and should provide a jolt to a struggling unit when he returns from injury. This is the critical moment in Young’s career to prove his “can’t miss” status by stepping out of Ohio State.

The local kid, who played for the district’s most revered high school, DeMatha Catholic, returning to help lead what was once a model NFL franchise into the depths of on-field irresponsibility and worthlessness may never materialize. This fallen prophecy would rest in part on the shoulders of Young himself. It would also go to several of Washington’s former and current coaches, none more prominent than the current D.VS in Del Rio.

My NFL trigger finger is much faster than Washington’s top brass has been in recent years. Since the catastrophic Jim Zorn, I thought the franchise was moving like molasses to fire coaches. Jay Gruden was too long. Just like Mike Shanahan. Now Del Rio is entering that territory. If the Commanders don’t always show better form over the next few games, Rivera will have no choice. If it’s one of the famous Chicago Bears from 1985 defense, or his defensive coordinator receiving the ax because of poor play, it’s best to believe that the former Jaguars and Raiders head coach is the one being told happy leads.

What can solve Washington’s defense problems other than getting the staff back to health and firing the unit chief outright? Let’s start with a pattern that actually matches the current defense and Del Rio isn’t calling out young players for mistakes that are partly his fault. Del Rio’s defenses played above average in 2020 and improved in 2021 before a coronavirus outbreak infects the team at the end of the year. Now the COs have fallen and Del Rio should be ousted because of it.

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