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A Putin propagandist threatens London with a nuclear attack in a fiery morning radio interview after the Russian president’s speech.

Sergei Markov, a former member of Russia’s State Duma and a close adviser to Putin, told listeners to the BBC’s Today program that the president had made it “clear” that he would be ready to use his arsenal against the Western countries, including “against Great Britain”.

Dominique Nicholls explains why the West should be ready to call Putin’s nuclear bluff as he fights to keep the Russian ultra-right on his side.

Senior Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood says Putin can’t afford to lose and we have to be ready for the war in Ukraine to get even uglier.


Mr. Biden’s speech at the UN preceded his first official meeting with Liz Truss.

The prime minister could face a tough meeting after the president derided his diverging views on economic policy as ‘trickle down economics’, claiming on Twitter that they ‘never work’.

Ms Truss also admitted that a trade deal with the United States is years away, but Crispy James analysis why exclude it in fact strengthens its hand in post-Brexit talks.

Meanwhile, André Lilico explains why his tax reduction program has nothing to do with an alleged allegiance to trickle-down economics.

Markets tumble

The economy will not be what Putin wants to hear about today, after the The Russian stock market fell following its warning to the West that it is ready to use nuclear weapons.

The Russian president’s bellicose warning sent the Moscow Stock Exchange’s MOEX index down 10%, marking the second straight day of big losses.

However, the escalation also sent shockwaves through gas markets, with the European benchmark price jumping 8% to around €210 per megawatt hour.

Read how it too weakening of the pound sterling and the euro.

Commentary and analysis

Around the world: Eritrea’s ‘large-scale offensive’

Rebels in northern Ethiopia have warned that Eritrea has launched a full-scale offensive against them, in a major escalation of bloody two-year conflict. In a Twitter post, a spokesman for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front said heavy fighting was taking place in several places along the border between Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, and Ethiopia. Eritrea. While it is difficult to confirm the military maneuvers due to a communications blackout in Tigray, the US special envoy to the Horn of Africa said they had “monitored” the movements of Eritrean troops in across the border. If Eritrea has joined the civil war, find out why it will have devastating consequences for millions of people in desperate need of humanitarian aid and will likely lead to war crimes.

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How End of School, Heartbreak and ‘Camillagate’ Prepared the Queen Consort for the Throne

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