These days, Katie Holmes has the last word


The other project she developed, a film adaptation of Kathleen Tessaro’s novel Rare Itemsset to release spring 2023. Both plays were shot entirely during the pandemic at different stages of its grip on our world. “It was really exhilarating,” Holmes says of being in control during a period of helplessness. “Having the ability to play a scene and being able to say, ‘Oh, let’s change that line’ or ‘Say that’ or ‘Let’s just try this’, that was great because I knew the day, so I knew what we had to reach. So it was like, Alright, I think we can take the time to play a little, Where No we don’t need [waste] time [doing] that now.” Having often been herself at the whim of a director’s vision, finally having the opportunity to step behind the camera and make those decisions, big and small, was an exciting challenge. “Some days were great, and some days I screwed up,” she says. “But I think it’s something you get the more you do it, the more you learn.”

At the same time, Holmes is aware of the importance of being flexible with her vision and knows that in some cases she will have to give up her authority. “I’m in control, and that’s something I respect. That being said, the real process is something bigger than all the people involved in a very real way, because there are so many pieces that need to come together,” she says. “Now you have to be in charge saying yes, no, yes, no, and that’s the vision I want. But I also depend on everyone. Without this collaboration, his dream for the project could never come true. Granted, he wouldn’t become the best version of himself.” I always tell people, ‘Please read this, and if it inspires you, I want you to. If not, I’m fine. But if so, then bring everything. That way we can be fully into it,” she says. “We’re all trying to make the best movie, and we sort of become partners.” So while, yes, his word is the last, it will never be the only one who will be heard.

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