The weirdest gadgets at CES 2022


CES is known as a launch pad for all kinds of gadgets, from TVs and phones to electric cars. But between all the big names are dozens of other innovations, some of which are more…let’s say interesting…than others. From color-changing cars to a device that lets you communicate with your dog, here are 10 of the weirdest and wackiest things we saw at CES 2022.



(Image credit: Maicat)

No CES would be complete without some sort of animatronic animal. The Maicat, appearing on a Kickstarter campaign near you, is an AI-driven robotic cat that’s dotted with sensors, will purr and react to pets and contacts, and be able to recognize up to 100 different people . The more you interact with him, the more he will respond to your affections, just like the real one. Even better: you won’t have to clean his litter box. —Mike Prospero

Qudi Mask

Qudi Mask Expressions and Emotions

(Image credit: Qudi)

Billed as the “world’s first emotional LED mask”, it will probably also be the world’s last. Like Daft Punk run amok, Qudi’s full face masks sport an array of 199 LEDs around the eyes and lower face area and, via a smartphone app, allow you to program them in any number of patterns and colours. It will also light up green and display a “yes” if you nod, and turn red and display “no” if you shake your head. You can pick up the mask now for $289 and provide excellent nightmare fuel to anyone who crosses your path. —Mike Prospero

BMW iX stream

BME iX Flow goes from black to white

(Image credit: BMW)

Henry Ford offered the Model T in any color as long as it was black, but those days are long gone and BMW is taking the opposite approach: the BMW iX stream can switch between black and white at the touch of a button. How does he do this? It has a triangular wrap covering its body panels, which uses the same E Ink technology that powers e-readers. Ford says the colors could change to help you find the car in a parking lot or to communicate diagnostic battery information – but we just think it would be fun to scare people by driving past them in a car that changes color. — Marc McLaren

FluentPet Login


(Image credit: FluentPet)

I have a dog. He is a chocolate Labrador and he is affectionate, energetic and very stinky. But he’s not particularly bright. Could technology help him communicate with me? The manufacturers of the FluentPet Login (opens in a new tab) system would say so, and based on the success of their first product, I’m inclined to believe them. FluentPet HexTile launched 18 months ago and has since earned over $7 million from viral videos showing pets learning to “talk” by pressing colored buttons to indicate their needs, wants and, who knows, maybe their hopes and dreams.

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