The 11 Best Acne Concealers, Hands Down


Even though I’m a beauty editor, I haven’t started using concealer until about a year ago. (Shocking, I know.) Honestly, I’ve never liked most formulas because I’m sensitive, acne-prone skin which generally does not respond well to heavy to put on makeup. Concealer, by nature, is a little heavier than foundation, but I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found a few formulas that work well for me. The most important thing to look for in an acne-prone skin concealer is whether the formula is non-comedogenic. I can’t speak for everyone, but I also generally try to avoid formulas with oils that are known to clog pores like coconut – it just doesn’t go well with my skin.

I also know, however, that everyone has different goals when using concealer. Some like to use it to cover blemishes while others like to lighten dark circles. This can be tricky when you have sensitive, acne-prone skin because you don’t want to cause breakouts. everywhere, but don’t worry, you’re in luck. I’ve found the best non-comedogenic concealers in every category, from best pharmacy option at the best range of hues. Continue scrolling. There is something for every taste.

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