Soft Sculpting, a new fashionable contouring technique


“Soft sculpting is the everyday alternative to traditional contouring,” says Sara Wren, artistic director at Milk Makeup. “Soft sculpting isn’t about changing your face shape, it’s about enhancing your natural bone structure to complement your face shape,” says Wren. This subtle approach to contouring is best achieved using creamy formulas that blend seamlessly into the skin.

To achieve this natural effect, Wren likes to use concealer rather than a traditional contour stick or bronzer. “Try using a cream concealer one to two shades deeper than the shade you’re wearing, slip it under [your] cheekbones from the corner of the eye up to the temple and along the jawline like a soft beginner sculpt,” she says. “I like to use the sponge or brush I applied my base with to blend to make sure the two shades blend perfectly.”

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