Seven times Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones served Lovey-Dovey Feels


Although they avoid specific questions about their relationship status, Taye Digg and Apryl Jones did not retain their PDA. For months, the two have maintained an online presence that gives off wholesome, happy, and loving vibes. While we don’t know when their honeymoon phase began, it’s pretty clear that stage isn’t over. And the internet is here for that!

Here are seven times Apryl and Taye tugged at heartstrings, patted some fun bones, and inspired all the warm honeymoon phase feelings!

1. When Taye Diggs said he felt blessed to be loved by Apryl Jones

Taye may have dodged the dating question in july, but just over a month later, he declared that Apryl’s love was a blessing. In a short, sentimental and sweet music video, Taye opened up about her disbelief at her blessings. He listed the birth of his son and his long acting career as blessings before turning to Apryl.

“And then the fact that this woman is in love with me,” Taye said. “That’s how I know, I’m praising you Lord, Jesus, Buddah or the Universe because somehow she’s…with me.” So for all of you who think there is no God or higher being or higher force, fk y’all and i know there is someone watching over me.

2. When Apryl and Taye walked the red carpet… three times

The pair sparked dating rumors in early December 2021 when Just Jared reported that Taye and Apryl “danced all night” at Jennifer Klein’s end-of-the-year party.

In February, the talks were swirling when they made their red carpet debut. Taye apparently invited Apryl to join him for a private screening of his film Incarnation, and after the event, the couple showed each other some love on the ‘gram.

Since then, they’ve appeared on at least two more red carpets, including an Oscars afterparty and the Critics’ Choice Awards.

3. When Taye and Apryl practice their singing, dancing and acting skills together

One thing about them, Taye and Apryl are going to exercise those singing hits! Their joint belt videos are a popular reference to the couple. Lit or not, the mood is generally playful and airy.

Like the singing, the couple’s moves are often a source of laughter, both from them and their viewers!

And we can’t forget when Taye dips into his acting coach and character bag and takes Apryl with him!

4. When Taye and Apryl broke up after farting in bed

Let Apryl and Taye be an example if you’ve ever needed a sign to stop breaking your guts holding back farts around bae. Their love seemed to turn a literal stinky moment into a dull laugh!

5. When Taye interacts with Apryl’s kids

Choose to be with someone who is already parent means understanding that your bae is a package with their little ones (or adults). At this time, we haven’t publicly seen Apryl interact with Taye’s 12-year-old son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs.

However, Taye’s relationship with Apryl’s six-year-old daughter, A’mei, and seven-year-old son, Megaa, seems to echo the silly vibe he shares with their mother.

6. When Apryl and Taye pose for couple photos

The PAD. The smiles. Legends. Need we say more?

7. When Taye and Apryl went to Bora Bora for a swim

And finally, but *crossed fingers* and best of all, Taye and Apryl’s baecation in Bora Bora proves just as entertaining as their shenanigans on the mainland!

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