Olivia Wilde sets the record straight on Harry Styles Spit Rumor


Olivia Wilde it’s telling the world not to worry, honey, because that spitting theory isn’t true.

The don’t worry darling the director answered the million dollar question that has been sweeping the internet since the beginning of the month: Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine to Venice Film Festival 2022? Olivia shut down the saliva rumor.

“Harry didn’t spit on Chris,” Olivia remarked during a Sept. 21 appearance on The late showadding, “I think it’s a perfect example of, like, people going for drama wherever they can.”

leave it at The late show host Stephane Colbert to tease Olivia a bit by replying, “Only time will tell. We’ll see.” Naturally, Olivia found herself laughing at Stephen’s remarks. She doubled down on her stance, adding, “No! He really didn’t.”

Maybe #SpitGate can finally be buried. The trending topic was born after pictures from Harry and Chris to don’t worry darling The Venice Film Festival premiere has surfaced online. In this one, Harry will return to sit next to Chris when he rushes to Chris’ lap. Chris then looks down in a surprised manner and the rest is history.

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