October Stimulus Payments: How Many States Will Send Checks?


Since the cost of basic necessities like food and shelter has risen 8.5% over the past year, many state governments across the United States write checks to their citizens to help pay household expenses.

The majority of the initiative’s funding comes from excess tax revenue, either in the form of automatic refunds required by state law or through legislation specifically designed to meet expenses related to rising taxes. inflation.

Either way, residents will receive additional money in the coming months, including October.

Post-pandemic stimulus payments

The purpose of the stimulus payments during the pandemic, from 2020 to 2021, was to help Americans who were experiencing financial hardship due to factors such as job loss and slowly rising costs.

Prices have risen so quickly and dramatically in recent years that American workers cannot afford basic necessities. Gasoline, food and housing prices have risen so rapidly that they have outpaced American incomes. People who are now gainfully employed and working multiple jobs are struggling to make ends meet.

California has started issuing its own stimulus checks

California introduced a middle-class tax refund. Depending on their eligibility, residents can get up to $1,050 in tax refunds. The payment amount is based on filing status and dependents, and there are income restrictions for receiving it.

Single registrants cannot earn more than $250,000 to qualify for payment. A married couple filing jointly is not allowed to win more than $500,000.

Payments will begin to be made in October. This means that many people could start receiving compensation in just over a week. By 2023, stimulus funds should have been distributed.

Which states will send payments?

Additionally, several states are taking it upon themselves to distribute stimulus funds.

Up to $270 in stimulus payments are being sent from New York. By October 31, 2022, the majority of these payments are expected to be distributed. You have until the end of the following month to stop worrying if you were expecting a payment in New York but haven’t received it yet.

Tax refunds are also offered as stimulus payments by many other states. These payments come from the extra money that many states found themselves between 2020 and 2021. For example, Hawaii sends money to its citizens based on their income.

As a single filer with income under $100,000, you can expect to receive a payment of $300. The limit for married people filing jointly is $200,000. For those who earn more, there will be a one-time payment of $100.

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