Nova Scotia Emergency Management Officials to Hold Hurricane Fiona Preparedness Press Conference


Like Hurricane Fiona barrels to Atlantic Canada with a landfall expected later this week, officials across the province are bracing for the storm and urging residents to do the same.

Representatives from the Provincial Emergency Management Office, Nova Scotia Power, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and the Canadian Red Cross will hold a press conference on the preparations at 2:30 p.m. AT. It will be streamed live here.

The storm is expected to bring high winds, heavy rains and storm surges, and could lead to power outages, flooding and severe damage.

The Office of Emergency Management asks people to prepare for Fiona by:

  • Have enough food and water to last 72 hours.
  • Secure all objects that can be blown away.
  • Moving a boat to higher ground.
  • Fill vehicles with gasoline and park them away from trees.
  • Keep pets indoors.
  • Checking radio batteries and flashlights.
  • Check the neighbors.

Telecom preparation

After Hurricane Dorian, many people went without a cell phone or internet service for days after the storm knocked out power to cell towers and the backup batteries at wireless sites eventually ran out.

The situation prompted then-Prime Minister Stephen McNeil to say that telecommunications companies should join the provincial emergency operations team during major storms to ensure that service interruptions are kept to a minimum.

In a statement to CBC News, Bell said the company is already in contact with the province, EMO and Nova Scotia Power and will work closely with them to keep customers connected.

During power outages, if backup batteries are depleted, Bell activates generators to keep sites operational.

The company says it has already activated its internal emergency response process and crews are powering generators and checking sites.

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