Nordstrom’s 30 Best Beauty Products Are All Under $50


I admit it: I like a luxury beauty routine as much as the next person. I love powerful formulas that are packed with effective ingredients. I like shiny bottles and golden jars. I love the luxurious experience that comes with it. But I’m also a big fan of mixing high and low, pairing expensive products with budget options to achieve a similar result. I’m also a big believer that you can have a luxurious experience without spending a, um, luxurious sum of money. That’s why you’ll find me shopping between the pharmacy and the big store for all my favorites skin care, to put on makeupand hair care some products.

Speaking of the department store, one of my favorite places to shop for beauty products it’s Nordstrom. Whether IRL or virtually, I constantly browse its shelves and research its vast selection. Along the way, I take note of products that won’t cost me an arm and a leg to buy. And since I’m a beauty writer for people, I thought I’d share this list of semi-affordable products with you. So without further ado, keep scrolling to see 30 of Nordstrom’s best beauty products under $50.

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