‘Nightly Pop’ Ends and Nina Parker, Hunter March and Morgan Stewart Say Goodbye – Deadline


E ! broadcast the last episode of Night pop after the cable network announced a major overhaul of their programming. The pop culture talk show hosted by morgan steward, hunters march and Nina Parker ended with a toast to their on-air run and a kiss between March and Parker.

On social media, each of the hosts shared heartfelt messages with their fans, showing their gratitude for all the years of support.

“To everyone who made @e_nightlypop what it was…from the crew that shot it, to the glam and wardrobe that made us fabulous, to the producers, staff and editors who made it all possible, to my wonderful co-hosts who have made the past 5 years so amazing, and to you the audience who have slipped into bed with us every night…Love you and thank you for see to the next one,” March shared on instagram.

E ! Restructuring: ‘Daily Pop’ and ‘Nightly Pop’ canceled, production teams will leave the linear network in preparation for a new nightly show

March found out that his late night show had been canceled by E! shortly after undergoing spine surgery which he joked about on social media.

Parker poured out his heart in a vast instagram post sharing what this show meant in his life.

“As a plus-size black woman, our opportunities and the ability for others to see us in certain on-air positions may be rare,” she wrote. “I enjoyed my position and the responsibility and representation that came with it. So when it got cancelled, it got a lot of emotions…and I ended up taking something very personal that we’re often told in the business that we’re not supposed to do.

Parker continued, “My relationships with my co-hosts were personal. The friendships with @morganstewart & @huntermarch were personal… The laughter and vulnerability were personal. The hard work and years of dedication were very personal. My dealings with the amazing staff and crew were personal. Those 6 a.m. wake-ups were personal! And I liked everything. »

Stewart also shared her thoughts on the end of Night pop recalling how she started on E!

“Started as the Rich Kid and ended as the @nightlypop host. The most memorable 8 years with E! I’ve learned so much, been through so much and met people incredibly hardworking and wonderful!” she job. “I also have a bit of a good blower. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and to anyone who has ever watched an episode of All I’ve Seen, thank you!! See you at the next time slot.

The official Night pop The Instagram account also shared a series of videos with clips from the latest show.

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