nference launches real-world data platform and expands partnership with Mayo Clinic


Data company EHR nference on Wednesday launched its real-world evidence generation platform and expanded its existing partnership with the Mayo Clinic.

The platform, dubbed nSights, collects anonymized clinical data on patients from academic medical centers, including clinical notes, radiology results, lab tests and electrocardiograms. The company said it will eventually add digital pathology and genomics data. nference promotes the platform as a way for researchers to develop therapies and diagnostics using data collected from nSights.

The company is also extending its 12-year strategic partnership with the Mayo Clinic, providing nference customers and partners with access to anonymized electronic health data from the Mayo Clinic platform. They will also build a version of the Mayo Clinic-branded nSights platform, called Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover.

“The potential of electronic health data remains locked in medical centers and is often under-exploited due to data complexity, privacy and security concerns,” Mike Koenig, chief commercial officer of nference, said in a statement. . “Our expanded collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Platform provides the framework for the deployment of nSights by nference and enables our customers to access anonymized “patient-level” data to drive research and development of new therapies. I look forward to to continue to build and strengthen our partnership with the Mayo Clinic team as we work together to improve healthcare through data-driven insights and insights.”


Shortly after nference closed a $60 Million Series B Round in early 2020, Mayo Clinic announced the startup as its first Clinical Data Analytics Platform Partner. Mayo Clinic Ventures participated as a strategic investor in this fundraising and also joined nference’s $60 million Series C round that ended at the end of 2020.

They also collaborated on COVID-19 vaccine research and expanded their partnership to include digital pathology and heart rhythm diagnosis. Last year they formed Anumana with the goal of using nference’s artificial intelligence capabilities and Mayo’s medical data to create digital sensor diagnostics, starting with heart disease detection.

Anumana received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation this spring for its ECG-based AI algorithm aimed at the early detection of pulmonary hypertension. It has also partnered with pharmaceutical giant Novartis to develop AI tools to detect cardiovascular diseases.

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