New and Noteworthy: What I’ve Read This Week—Edition 195


Search of the week

Babies in the womb ‘smile’ when mom eats carrots and ‘frown’ when mom eats kale.

ApoB may not be the predictive biomarker we thought.

Burpee workout improves endurance and short-term memory in adolescents.

Kidney Recipients Actually Need More Protein Than You Think.

wolves can attach to humans.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Cooking Podcast: The link between dairy intolerance and dairy genes with the founders of the family farm Alexandre, Blake and Stéphanie

Primal Health Coach Radio: Declare your expertise, then embody it with Marcy Morrison

Media, Schmedia

Why this RD is not worth listening to.”

How many ants on earth?

Interesting blog posts

Why the skin of our ancestors withstood the sun.

The advantages of wood at school.

Social Ratings

Americans primarily eat a plant-based diet.

Go outside.

Everything else

On Steady broadcastnewest “AI tool”.

On saturated fats.

What I do and what interests me

Interesting and oddly specific research: Living near a fast-casual Mexican restaurant reduced maternal weight gain in US-born mothers living in Miami.

Overwhelming approval: Replace bacon with grubs ‘not as bad as they thought.”

Great search: Autophagy-inducing supplements spontaneously increase walking speed.

Important: How Caffeine Improves Stamina.

Interesting article: More consumption of DHA and tuna, longer telomeres (at men’s).

Question I ask

How do you celebrate fall?

Revenue corner

time capsule

A year ago (September 18 – September 24)

Comment of the week

“How do you deal with a bad night’s sleep? »

the next day: stay active with low-risk activities (hiking, walking, etc.) outside.
Power-nap (20 min max) around noon, go to bed early, no alcohol, no excess carbs (seems to massively alter REM sleep for me).


-On the spot, Martin.

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Keto Meal Plan

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