National insurance will be abolished from November 6


JThe British Geological Survey has been commissioned by the government to review the available evidence regarding hydraulic fracturing and the risk of it triggering seismic activity.

This review was submitted to ministers in July and was finally published today. However, it’s not exactly a home run for pro or anti-fracking groups, as it essentially concludes that there is still significant uncertainty around the risks of hydraulic fracturing.

For example, he states that “earthquake prediction remains a scientific challenge for the geoscience community” and “estimating peak magnitudes” of earthquakes before and during fracking “remains a challenge.”

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy responded to the report saying it is “clear that we need more drill sites in order to collect better data and improve the evidence base and we are aware that some developers want to participate in this process.

The decision to lift the ban on hydraulic fracturing, in place since 2019, will now allow such tests to continue. BEIS said it will help “understand the UK’s shale gas resources and how we can safely extract shale gas in the UK where there is local support”.

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