Microsoft shares plans for Surface Duo 2 foldable device

Microsoft shares plans for Surface Duo 2 foldable device


Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft spear Surface Duo 2 about a year ago and the foldable device was apparently not available in offline and online stores. Rumors have also suggested that the tech giant may pull the foldable smartphone away until the Android 12L operating system hits the shelves. Duo Surface 2. According to a report from WindowsCentral, the company has now announced its plans for the foldable device. Microsoft explained that supply constraints are impacting inventory of Surface Duo 2 units and confirmed that the product will not be “discontinued”. The company also mentioned that it will continue to “update and innovate” on this form factor.

How supply constraints affect Surface Duo 2 devices
According to the report, supply constraints can be an issue because most Surface Duo 2 components are custom-made, including screens, hinges, and even the board design. All of these components would require specialized production techniques exclusive to Microsoft. The company has not confirmed when the foldable device will return to store shelves.

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How Microsoft plans to improve the form factor
As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is planning to improve the form factor. That means Surface Duo and Duo 2 users should get bigger updates, and the company will likely release the third version of the foldable device as well.

Microsoft is currently confused about what approach it wants to take with the third version of the smartphone. The company can’t decide whether to stick with the dual-screen design or turn it into a single-screen foldable display (like the Samsung Z Fold series) with a different aspect ratio and a slimmer design.

The Surface team is also said to be inspired by Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 which folds with no gaps and packs a larger 4500mAh battery while being slightly (0.1mm) thinner than the Surface Duo 2.

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Microsoft is about to release Android 12L update for Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 devices which will bring – some of the first UI customizations more similar to Windows 11 design, support for apps to dual screens and an improved operating system. More details on the Android 12L update are expected to be released at the annual Surface event (if the company decides to host it this year).


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