King Charles photographed for the first time with an iconic red shipping box | UK News


King Charles has been photographed with his red shipping box for the first time.

The picture shows the King performing official government duties in the Eighteenth Century Room of Buckingham Palace.

The red boxes contain documents from UK government ministers and realms, as well as Commonwealth officials.

Documents are sent from the private secretary’s office to the king, wherever he is in the world, in a red, locked shipping box.

These include documents that require a signature, briefing materials, and information about upcoming meetings.

In the photo, Charles is seated at a desk. Papers, including one tied with a ribbon, are next to him.

Also featured is a black and white photograph of the late Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, given to King George VI for Christmas in 1951 by the couple.

Earlier, British luxury leather goods company Barrow Hepburn & Gale confirmed that boxes for Charles were in production.

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On September 11, a company spokesperson said the king would initially receive more than six boxes, which would bear the new royal cipher.

It is possible that 10-12 boxes will be manufactured and delivered in phases over the next few months.

Each box, the price of which is never disclosed, has its own code lock and is designed to last for many years.

In September 2015, the Royal Family’s Facebook account said the Queen received red boxes every day of her reign, including weekends, but not on Christmas Day.

The message said the Queen was still using boxes made for her coronation in 1953, which had been “periodically refurbished” to keep them in good condition.

Barrow Hepburn & Gale said the role of boxes “has not changed for over a century”.

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