Joly: Canada won’t follow European nations except Russians



Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said she does not support European countries that ban Russians from getting visas because many are at risk of fleeing their country.

Joly says Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to recruit more troops for his war in Ukraine shows the desperation of the regime, which she says puts Russians at risk.

She also said Canada was working with allies to see if international courts could prosecute Russia for illegally invading Ukraine.

She says her main concern at the moment is Russia’s plan to hold votes in the parts of Ukraine it has occupied, probably with the aim of bringing them into Russia.

Joly said these were “fake referendums”, which Russia could use as a premise to claim Ukraine was the aggressor.

She also says that Canada will soon step up its sanctions against Russia and that she will deliver a national address on Monday on Canada’s support for Ukraine.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on September 22, 2022

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