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Back when Apple wasn’t into the Pro-s and Max-s, the only special iPhones we used to get from the series were the Plus and ‘s’ models. The Plus variants were usually the larger versions of the vanilla iPhones and the two were launched side by side. The following year, Apple would add a few changes – improved cameras, better processor, longer battery life and others, all from the iPhone launched the year before. It was the ‘s’ model.

Most of us thought the “s” series was a thing of the past, but it turns out that Apple hasn’t ditched the special-edition iPhone series just yet. The brand launched an S-series phone this year along with the iPhone 14 lineup as well. No, it wasn’t part of a secret launch event that happened at a classified location. It was launched along with all the other devices launched during the Far Out event that happened recently. Apple only decided to change the name and call it the iPhone 14.

Before accusing us of talking nonsense, listen to us. These are our first impressions of the iPhone 13s… uh… iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 first impressions: Looks like the iPhone 13

Have you seen the iPhone 13? Well, that’s pretty much the iPhone 14 for you. Both phones are so similar that if you put them on a table, you won’t be able to tell them apart. Look at them, hold them, smell them, and chances are you’ll tell which is which – they’re actually so similar.

The fact that Apple recycled and reused the exact same design this year for the iPhone 14 aside, the design of the iPhone 14 isn’t bad at all. If you liked the look of the iPhone 13, you’d like the iPhone 14 too (they look alike).

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The phone comes with a slim bezel, paired with the usual iPhone notch. It comes with Ceramic Shield on the front which is the toughest glass in any smartphone according to Apple’s claims. The front also houses the built-in stereo speaker which sits right on the edge of the top frame while the notch holds the front camera and Face ID sensors.

The iPhone 14 also comes with flat sides made from aerospace-grade aluminum. Smooth, polished sides house the lock/SOS button on the right while the volume buttons and ringer/silent slider sit on the left.

The top of the iPhone 14 is bare while the base houses the stereo speaker, Lightning port, and microphones.

Flip the phone over and the vibrations from the iPhone 13 will continue to hit you. The device has a dual camera device in the upper left corner. Both cameras are (still) placed diagonally on a raised, matte platform. The rest of the back is covered in shiny, reflective glass, and a shiny Apple logo sits right in the middle. We received the purple color variant which has just a hint of purple and is more of a light lilac which can often look like white. Some might call it subtly chic, but we honestly would have preferred a darker, more distinct shade.

The phone also has almost the same measurements as the iPhone 13. It measures 146.7mm tall and 71.5mm wide, which is the same as the iPhone 13. That said, at 7.80mm, the iPhone 14 is slightly thicker than iPhone 13 which is 7.65mm thick.

You’d think a thicker iPhone would weigh more, but Apple somehow reduced the weight of the iPhone 14 to 172 grams, which is 2 grams lighter than the iPhone 13. Barely noticeable, though.

There’s no change in the feel of the iPhone either. The iPhone 13 was a premium looking (and premium feeling) phone that also matches the iPhone 14. The glass back picks up scratches and smudges easily, which means the phone case as soon as you put it on. straight out of the box would be your best bet to keep it looking new and shiny.

The iPhone 14 also comes with IP68 dust and water resistance, which means you can dunk it in water and the phone will still work.

iPhone 14 first impressions: Similar specs, with a few tweaks

The spec story isn’t all that different from the design story either. The iPhone 14 doesn’t just look like the iPhone 13, but the spec sheet might also look a little too familiar. The biggest difference between the two different iPhone generations was almost always a new processor, but with the iPhone 14, Apple decided to switch from an all-new processor to a better but older processor.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are powered by the same A15 Bionic processor, but the one in the iPhone 14 comes with a variant of the chip that was actually seen in the iPhone 13 Pro series and has a GPU 6-core compared to the 5-core GPU of the iPhone 13.

That seems a little disappointing given that in the past regular and Pro iPhones had the same Bionic chip. As for the difference this extra GPU core makes, we’ll find out in the coming days when we get to use the phone more thoroughly.

Apart from that, the iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch OLED Super Retina XDR display with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels at 460 ppi, similar to the iPhone 13, and yes, even the same notch for Face ID (no dynamic island here, folks, it’s for Pro types) as well as the very “normal” 60Hz refresh rate.

We know some people have a problem with this refresh rate, especially with even budget Android phones having 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rates, but it worked fine for us on the iPhone 13 and so far , it didn’t affect our viewing experience on the iPhone 14. Either.

The iPhone 14 also brings two 12-megapixel camera sensors on the back like the iPhone 13, but Apple says they’re new and improved. The main wide sensor has a larger f/1.5 aperture and the camera combo comes with Apple’s new Photonics Engine which is supposed to improve the phone’s low-light skills and provide better detail.

The iPhone 14 also comes with Action mode in video recording which should bring extra stability to your videos. The megapixel count on the front camera is also 12 megapixels, the same as the iPhone 13 but the iPhone 14 has a larger f/1.9 aperture and comes with support for Apple’s Photonics Engine, and what’s more, has autofocus for the first time.

All told, the iPhone 14 has a bit more photographic power than the 13, but the takeaway is that the iPhone 13 was pretty good as it was.

iPhone 14 first impressions: More battery hours, crash detection and crash-free software

The slight extra thickness of the iPhone 14 could be due to the battery, which Apple says is better than the 13. It offers an additional hour of video playback time and five additional hours of audio playback.

The battery life of the iPhone 13 is remembered to be quite good, and that would kick things up a clear notch. Like its predecessors, the phone supports wireless charging and supports 20W fast charging, which may not be the fastest by industry standards, but can charge your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes. And no, there is no charger in the box even now.

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Apart from SOS, Apple has also added crash detection feature on iPhone 14. Thanks to a number of motion sensors, new dual-core accelerometer and gyroscope, iPhone 14 will be able to detect crashes and call for help, if the user cannot. The phone runs on the highly respected and smooth iOS 16 out of the box and also supports 5G.

iPhone 14 first impressions: Same price as iPhone 13

At a starting price of Rs 79,900 for the 128GB model, the price of the iPhone 14 also remains the same as the launch price of the iPhone 13, which is a feat considering the general inflationary trends on the market. smartphone market.

Some would say it looks almost too similar to the iPhone 13, but Apple says with that familiar exterior comes superior performance, thanks to that slightly better processor, better cameras and longer battery life. drums.

See what we meant about the iPhone 13s? Maybe Apple could have called it that.

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