“If it was me, I wouldn’t want to put myself in this situation”


Jordan Henderson has admitted his family may not be at the World Cup in Qatar due to security fears. The England midfielder has revealed his dad isn’t planning on making the move after Champions League mismanagement in Paris.

The World Cup is less than two months away. But there are concerns about the safety of fans traveling to Qatar due to the strict laws and human rights issues surrounding the tournament.

Henderson is the second England international to speak about his family’s safety in Qatar, after Eric Dier revealed he told his family not to fly there. The Liverpool captain was quoted by the daily star as saying:

“I think it was pretty awful [Champions League final situation]. When I talked to some of my friends, like my family and my dad, it was pretty bad.

“I guess as a fan, if you go to the game and you don’t feel comfortable and you feel threatened by any situation, you won’t want to go back.

“And it really is that simple. My family and friends have had a few experiences over the past two years that really shocked them – and probably put them off going to future games.”

He added:

“I hope that will change in the near future as the tournament approaches. But when you see scenes like the Euro final and the Champions League final, then they don’t really want to go to get back into this situation. My father said that after the Champions League final it was over.

“When it gets closer, I think there are a lot of security elements and things going on in Qatar that I’m sure will make people safer.

“But when you’ve had those experiences, sometimes you think it’s worth taking the risk. If it was me, I wouldn’t want to put myself in that situation. But we’ll have to take a closer look.”

England are in Group B of the World Cup

England have been partnered with the United States of America, Iran and Wales in Group B of the World Cup in Qatar.

Their first match is against Iran on November 21. They next face the United States on November 26, followed by Wales on November 30.

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