‘I feel like it’s Philly on steroids’ – Ben Simmons sees Brooklyn Nets as a perfect fit for his abilities, says Nets are similar to his old team but more talented and skilled


Ben Simmons hasn’t dressed for the day yet brooklyn nets, but many are excited about what could be. The All-Star guard thinks he fits in well with the team, citing similarities to his former team.

Simmons had an outstanding run with the Philadelphia 76ers, and many thought his partnership with Joel Embid would give a championship. However, the Aussie blew an easy chance late in the 2021 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals in Game 7 and lost all favor with the fans.

Simmons no longer feeling welcome in Philadelphia, he decided to force his way out by refusing to play. He got his wish on trade deadline day and was part of a package the Sixers used to trade for James Harden.

Although Simmons has been with the Nets since February, he hasn’t played a game for Brooklyn. However, he believes his style of play will suit the team’s players perfectly.

On “The Old Man and the Three” with JJ Reddick, Simmons was asked about his role and how he fits into the team. He has answered:

(From 43:30)

“The talent we have and the type of players we have, we’re going to be able to run easily on the pitch. We have Clax (Nik Claxton), who can run, he moves incredibly well; Kev (Durant); Patty (Mills) ; Kai (Irving); Joe (Harris); just received Royce (O’Neale), another great 3-D guy.

“I miss people, but yeah, I think this team right now is just great for what I do and what I bring to the game. It feels like Philly on steroids. “

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With Simmons, the Sixers had a team that could challenge for the title. Unfortunately for their fans, they never made it past the conference semifinals.

Can the Brooklyn Nets compete for the 2023 title despite a tumultuous offseason?

The Nets have had a turbulent offseason, filled with several trade rumours. They were close to losing their star players but eventually resolved their differences.

Kevin Durant requested a trade before the start of free agency. A month later, he asked owner Joe Tsai to fire his general manager and head coach.

Although KD canceled his request and decided to stay, many are wondering how they will all work together. There might be some tension, which could affect the chemistry.

Ben Simmons is an ideal complement alongside the Nets’ superstar tandem of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. 💯 https://t.co/3c354N6Jit

All drama aside, the Nets have one of the strongest teams. They have elite level scorers, and the addition of Simmons and Royce O’Neale will strengthen their defense.

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein

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