How to Join the Canadian Archery Team


Twenty-six archers from across Canada set their sights on Team Canada on the first day of selection camp in Cambridge.

The four-day event is hosted by Archery Canada to determine the archery team heading to the Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile in November.

“At first it was very nerve-wracking,” said Ben Lee, an archer from Kitchener.

Lee said archery is not just a physical sport, it’s also a mental sport.

“You have to have a strong mindset. Questioning yourself during a shot can be very detrimental to shooting,” Lee said.

An Archery Canada official said there is a science behind the sport of studying the wind and the environment before a competition.

“On this ground today, the wind is from the front. This will cause the arrows to move up and down depending on the strength of the wind,” said Shawn Riggs of Archery Canada.

It’s a timed sport. In some cases, you only have a few minutes or less to shoot all your arrows.

“We shoot up to eight hours in tournaments, so a lot of effort goes into something that seems deceptively simple,” said Emilio Verdugo Paredes, an archer from Waterloo.

Championships later this year are the best way to secure a spot for the 2023 Pan American Games, which will also be held in Santiago.

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