How Logan Paul can beat Roman Reigns and not end up with the WWE Undisputed Championship


Logan Paul — Undisputed WWE Champion. You see it in front of you. What do you think? What is your instant reaction?

As you know by now, Logan Paul will challenge the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 5.

Roman reigns is an incredible champion. Logan Paul is causing an internet sensation. He was involved in boxing, martial arts as well. But does that qualify him to fight for Roman honours? As “Stone Cold”, Steve Austin would probably respond, “Hell no!”

Jerry “The King” Lawler seems to agree.

“There’s no way Logan Paul will win — no way,” Lawler told me. “Logan Paul’s victory is just as likely as Andy Kaufman’s coming back from his presumed death. I’ll tell you what. Everyone knows I’m an avid Coca-Cola collector and it’s my favorite drink (The King added at this point that he’s never tasted booze.) If Logan Paul beats Roman Reigns – and I’m sure he won’t – I’ll switch from Coke to Pepsi! heard. It’s an ultimate sacrifice for me. I’m on the outcome of this match.”

You never know what will happen in the world of professional wrestling. However, no one seems to be on the Logan Paul bandwagon.

“At Crown Jewel, I’ll show you what GOD MODE is like!” Will Roman’s reign continue or will he @LoganPaul do the unthinkable? 🤔#WWEBELIEVED #WWE

A lot of people I spoke to thought it would be a good match, but can’t imagine Logan being the winner. I ran this past WWE Hall of Famer Book T. His words came out without hesitation.

“Willie, all I can say is OMG! I won’t hit Logan Paul but he won’t win this Crown Jewel match. He won’t beat Roman Reigns. He’ll put on a good performance but he won’t win. Maybe he can become a champion down the line if he keeps fighting – but he’s not at the moment. Roman Reigns keeps – period!”

Jerry Williams was a columnist for a British wrestling publication I worked for many years ago. I asked him if Logan won, what would happen next?

“I’m going to paraphrase Triple H and say it’s better for business,” he said. “Can you imagine the huge publicity this would generate for WWE around the world? It will bring them millions of Logan Paul social media followers. I don’t see anything wrong with that in the short term, but Roman has to get that title back quickly. That’s for sure.

I have my own theory regarding this match. It is a kind of “exit”, but creative and controversial. It’s a way for Logan Paul to win but not to get the title. What if …

The Usos‘ The interference from Reigns is backfiring in one way or another. It ends with Roman getting pinned down.

At this point, Reigns is furious that the well-planned interference has backfired horribly. While arguing with the referee and possibly The Usos, Logan Paul is caught off guard and knocked out with the Money In The Bank briefcase and quickly pinned. Yes — Austin Theory is WWE’s new Undisputed Universal Champion!

Neither the champion who came to defend the title – Roman Reigns – nor the unlikely challenger – Logan Paul have the gold!

Austin Theory is WWE’s new undisputed champion!

What a “theory” huh?

When using any of the quotes above, please credit Bill Apter and link to this article at Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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