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“Come with us while Avery cuts my hair back to shorty“, JoJo Siwa said excitedly at the start of the TikTok video she posted on Thursday (September 22). In the clip, 19-year-old JoJo sits in a seat while her girlfriend, Avery Cyrus, starts cutting. “I wanted it to go back to how it was, so Avery took out big chunks at a time.” As JoJo narrates the clip, Avery tackles his girlfriend’s hair. At one point, the style looked a bit “janky”, according to JoJo, but after some off-camera polish, JoJo was happy with her new look. “She ended up crushing it,” JoJo said.


I didn’t know how it was going to be…. BUT I AM SO HAPPY AVERY CRUSHED ITTTTTT💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️

♬ Satisfaction – Benny Benassi & The Biz

The makeover comes nearly two weeks after JoJo confirmed her new romance. JoJo revealed that she and the TikToker were an item on Sept. 12, posting a clip of them having their photo taken at a Chuck E. Cheese photo booth. “The photos versus the moment,” JoJo captioned the clip of them kissing in one of several poses. JoJo also shared a video of her and Avery doing a TikTok dance trend. “I’m so proud that she learned that [choreography]“, JoJo captioned the clip. “And I have to share so you can see her CUTESY HAPPY FACE!”

The couple didn’t wait long to show their love. Days after confirming romance, JoJo and Avery cuddled in public. While on the move, Avery jumped into JoJo’s arms while wrapping his legs around the dance moms alum. The passionate kiss was pretty adorable (and impressive, considering how strong JoJo’s upper body was to hold his girlfriend like that.)

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In August, JoJo and his recurring girlfriend, Kylie Prew, called it quits again. “Someone asked me earlier if I was single. I am,” Kylie said during an Instagram Live session. “I’ve been single for almost two months and it’s fine. It’s not deep, I promise. Everything is fine. Not everything has to be messy and gross because it isn’t, and I just want to clear the air. Kylie went on to say that she and JoJo were both “safe and happy and healthy and that’s all that matters.” She also claimed they didn’t need any “drama” about the split because “it gives everyone unwanted anxiety, especially if they’re like me.”

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