Hello World: Harleen Sethi, of broken but beautiful fame, embraces a life of many possibilities


Harleen Sethi was a dancer, presenter, did TV commercials, then found her true calling as an actress through her performance in Broken but beautiful alongside Vikrant Massey. As a child, she participated in hazaar competitions. She was the most prone girl in extracurricular activities at her school. So much so that his mother always had three or four costumes ready.

Harleen Sethi in pink dress

His confidence grows with each victory. In fact, she would eventually win even if she didn’t practice. That’s what convinced her to do something creative. “I was prone to publicity. I wanted to become a director of advertising films because he is the captain of the ship. My parents had already paid Rs 25,000 for MBA courses when I told them I wanted to pursue something creative.

Harleen Sethi Photoshoot in Pink Dress

They supported me in my decision and I started to learn jazz, ballet and contemporary dance. I was a good student and quickly got a scholarship for it. She became a dance teacher and soon taught students individually. She even taught Frieda Pinto for her role in the Hollywood Musical Desert Dancer (2014). Dancing caused her to take a break from the world of advertising. “My first advertisement came as a dancer. They were looking for someone who could do ballet in pointy shoes.

This is how my journey started on camera. For a few hours of work, I received Rs 17,000 at the time. I got another call for another ad, but this time the director asked me if I could act instead of dance. This is how the journey in front of the camera began,” she reveals.

Harleen Sethi and Vikrant Massey.

She worked in commercials for two years both as a model and an assistant director and also began giving auditions for shows and films. One of those auditions landed her on Broken But Beautiful. She was actually cast for another show called The big dysfunctional Indian family. The entire cast was solicited a narration with Ekta Kapoor.

Harleen Sethi and Vikrant Massey work together.

Harleen’s sister was getting married and she quit her job as bidaai early to be there for the storytelling. She was all dressed in traditional attire, with a large matha patti and huge earrings, when she landed at the meeting ‘When I was introduced to Ekta, she said, ‘Don’t you think not that you’re a little overdressed for the narration?’ They were already locked up Vikrant Massey for Broken but beautifuland I had heard that they were considering Nushrratt Bharuccha or Prachi Desai to be the female lead. Ekta must have seen something in me when I was called for an audition. I gave one solo reading and the other with Vikrant.

Harleen Sethi talks about her sister's wedding.

I was asked to choose between the two shows, and I chose Broken…because I’m a romantic at heart. they are good. “I recently met someone who was interested in developing a series on lesser-known dance forms and wanted me to anchor it. I would have to go around the world to interview dancers. I want to live a healthy life and not be limited to doing just one thing. Every newcomer has to go through a cycle of struggle, and Harleen is no exception. Over time, she learned to accept rejection in her stride. “I don’t see this as rejection or failure, but as a learning opportunity.”

“I’m from Mumbai and I live with my parents, so unlike many foreigners, I didn’t have to worry about paying the rent or paying my bills on time. So my struggle wasn’t that hard There have been ups and downs, of course, but that’s part and parcel of being an actress,” she explains.

Harleen Sethi

She plays a army officer in test case 2 and one CBI Officer in Gone Game 2. Harleen says she said yes to them because of their uniqueness. “Right now, I’m in the zone of being an actor who just explores, has fun, and learns. It all comes down to how convincing I can be in an audition. If I can convince a director at that time that I can play the role, so I can work with him and develop it further when we actually shoot.

Harleen Sethi in and exclusive interview with Filmfare.

Besides, 70% is luck. You have to respect that and never let your ego get in the way. You should be kind, compassionate, and helpful to everyone at all times and let fate sort you out. She would love to do comedy, which she has not explored until now. In fact, she would love to be in a real Bollywood rom-com, with all the tropes added. “As a dancer, I fantasize about doing a dance number in a movie. I’m doing medical drama on OTT, which is also a romance. But everything will be realistic and not exaggerated, like in our films.

Regularly strutting into the hearts of viewers is no small feat, but Harleen Sethi seems to have done it with aplomb and stayed put. She’s always been prone to donning multiple hats at once. The young actress’ approach to her career ethos, her upcoming shows such as The Test Case 2 which will continue to show her versatile work graph as this time she will be playing an army officer and how she never wants to stagnate in a single territory of creativity is indeed inspiring. It was refreshing to hear about her targeted future and how she views her filmography, which is full of variety. Here, always aim up and up, because the sky is indeed the limit.

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