Halsey wonders ‘If I chose the wrong life’ ahead of her 28th birthday


Halsey reflects on the last decade of their lives.

A week before the “Without Me” singer celebrates her 28e birthdaythey wrote a message on social media, admitting that, despite their height of glory, they too sometimes feel sad and lonely.

“I find that often there is a deep sadness in me that no worldly pleasure can touch, a loneliness, an emptiness,” the singer wrote on his Instagram Stories on Sept. 21. “I often wonder if I’ve chosen the wrong life for myself. And its weight is suffocating. I’m sorry that melancholy permeated my art in a way that didn’t serve a greater purpose than my own self-loathing.”

Halsey then wrote that as their birthdaythey are “just right now exhaling and breathing for the first time since I took a single breath into this new life at 18”.

They continued, “I wander lawless and hope to find my way to somewhere meaningful soon so I can give you the guys I’ve always known to blow your mind. They’ve been shrunken lately. If you can’t be nice, at least be nice, with love.

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