Dwight Howard opened WWE invitation extended by Triple H


Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard
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Whenever NBA star Dwight Howard decides to officially hang up his basketball sneakers, he might already have his next career project waiting for him. Howard, 36, who is currently a free agent, had a WWE tryout over the summer and apparently impressed during his session. New WWE leading manPaul “HHH” Levesque, left an open message invitestating that Howard has his number and he can call and “we’ll see what happens”.

If this Dwight Howard WWE marriage happens, it would be the perfect opportunity to get Howard and Shaquille O’Neal into the ring to settle their grudge. WWE could present it as the battle of the “Supermen”. The actual match would be absolute crap, but because of the name recognition, even the most casual fan would watch. Of course, they would dress him up and add a few full-time wrestlers in each man’s corner.

This feud would be pure shenanigans, but for the good pay, I’m sure O’Neal would be all for it. This guy tells everything and anything. And he’s been in the ring many times in the past. O’Neal has had several confrontations with Big Show over the years, but they haven’t had a real one-on-one match yet, and that probably won’t happen at this point. Although they once worked together in a Kane slamming double choke.

Maybe Howard steps in as another giant and takes Big Show’s place? We could get a short one-on-one match between the two NBA stars. Shaq has had it for Howard for over a decade since Dwight “stole” his Superman gimmick. Even though Shaq stole it from…SUPERMAN. Other than a celebrity feud, there will be limits to wwhat they can do with Howard in the ring.

He could possibly act as a bodyguard/enforcer and have a star to bring him in. He’ll likely do a lot of media engagements for the company depending on his status, and Howard has personality. Indeed, Howard would initially have a few extra eyes on the product, but after the first few appearances or matches, so what? Howard could definitely be an asset to WWE, but I’d be really interested to see how they implement him with Vince McMahon out of the picture. Would it be more of a celebrity angle situation, as I explained, or could they do more with Howard? It obviously depends on his ability in the ring.

Howard grew up being a huge wrestling fan, so he would have that on his side. His athletic background also helps, as the conditioning needed to be a professional wrestler is a high bar to achieve. But it takes years to perfect this craft like any other to get to a level where a wrestler is even semi-credible in the ring. Howard turns 37 in December. So if Howard decides to make that call, we’ll see how long WWE is willing to invest in Howard’s upside potential.

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