Carp Fair: Canada’s best small fair is back


Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the carp fair this weekend, which bills itself as the “best small fair in Canada”.

“We’re skipping school today because it’s the first day of the carp fair,” said one participant.

Despite a chilly fall day, hundreds of kids had the same idea on Friday. When the carp fair is in town, school comes second.

“It’s amazing to just hang out with your friend and have fun and go to the vendors and see everything around,” said another participant.

With pandemic restrictions lifted, the Carp Fair is back on its usual turf with mid-range, favorite foods and, of course, farm attractions including a heavy horse show, fish auctions, and more. antiques and a rawhide rodeo.

“It’s great,” says Brent Palsson, president of Carp Fair Agriculture. “We were just there watching people walk through the doors this morning and it puts a smile on your face. Because children jump and run to see the different attractions. And we’ve missed that for the past two years, so that’s great.

This year there are a few new rides that are fan favorites like The Freak Out.

Although the fair offers plenty of crazy rides for thrill seekers, there are always the classics for the youngest like the merry-go-round and the little train, as well as dozens of games to test your skills.

This year marks the 159th edition of Carp Fair, which began in 1863.

“Everyone is having a good time,” says one mum. “All the things, the rides, the food, the games, the horses.”

Some return to the fair after more than two decades.

“It’s amazing. It’s bigger than all the other fairs. It’s nice,” says one man, who said his last visit to the fair was around 25 years ago.

But for the most part here, it’s about spending time with friends.

“It’s just being with my friends is so much fun,” one person said.

The carp fair runs until Sunday at 6 p.m. You can buy tickets online or in person at the gates.

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