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Carnie’s comments

I remember our former Moose Jaw Police Chief, Terry Coleman, calling them “rascals”. It’s an old British dialect for “one who is good for nothing”.

We seem to have a lot of these people these days in Canada’s most notorious city which, of course, we used to call “the friendly city”.

Current Chief of Police Rick Bourassa is making headlines today, confirming thefts and break and enters are on the rise. You can see the stats for yourself at

Some of the local thieves are cheeky. They enter our yards, break into our homes, garages and sheds and take what they can at all hours of the day.

Just this week local police arrested a young man for possession of a number of firearms and ammunition. There’s a reason local police officers now wear bulletproof vests for every shift they do.

Chief Bourassa told us, and I quote: “In October, you will hear from me. I just can’t speak right now, but you’ll hear from me on some results of some pretty big steps we’ve done locally, targeting some of the issues we’re facing. »

We’ll be looking forward to that, won’t we? We’ve all had enough, haven’t we?

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