Canada drops ArriveCAN: Vancouverites react to news


Travelers across Canada have expressed mixed reactions to news that Canada will likely drop its COVID-19 vaccine travel requirements.

The federal Liberal cabinet is considering renewing mandates for COVID-19 vaccinations and mandatory random testing for travelers, a senior government official has said. The Canadian Press on condition of anonymity.

The federal government gradually eased COVID-19 travel restrictions over the spring and summer as booster shots became more widely available in Canada.

The current measures are due to expire on September 30.

If the requirements are removed, the ArriveCAN app, launched in April 2020, will likely be also become “optional”.“The app served as a tool for the federal government to screen travelers entering Canada for the coronavirus as well as to ensure they had appropriate quarantine plans.

Once the COVID-19 vaccination was required for travel, the app also contained traveler vaccine information.

Vancouverites React to News Canada Will Abandon ArriveCAN

Many travelers see the loosening of the rules as “progress”, noting that the process has significantly slowed tourism in the country. Others note that it has made it difficult for Canadians to return home.

Progress. Vaccine mandates and ArriveCan are out! To finish. 😉 #Canada #COVID-19[FEMININE #VaccineMandate #ArrivePeut #Liberté

– Joshua Nash (@joshuadnash) 21 septembre 2022

Un voyageur basé à Vancouver a partagé une expérience négative qu’il a vécue à YVR après avoir été sélectionné au hasard pour le programme de test de voyage COVID-19 hors site. Ils affirment que « les Lifelabs manquent de personnel » et que vous « finirez par recevoir un kit de test, mais [you] can’t go there in person.”

After booking an appointment online, the frustrated air passenger says a Lifelabs employee didn’t show up. As a result, they called and were eventually “supervised” over the phone. Finally, they completed the test package and drove it to a nearby Lifelabs.

“Because the system stops [and] is ineffective you basically spent [an] incredible amount of hours (mostly a full day) for this process,” they said, noting that travelers are “penalized by [a] 24 [hour] Rush.”

#arrivecan #covidtest #Canada #canpoli Let me explain the random selection of Covid tests for the land crossing. Lifelabs is understaffed. You eventually get a test kit, but you can’t go there in person. You book a video appt online. Life Labs are not showing up for online appointments because they are understaffed. 1/2

— deb gee (@debster_92) September 21, 2022

However, many people have expressed concern that the ArriveCAN app is becoming “optional”. They say it could make it easier for the government to reapply in the future.

Some people are quick to complete the ArriveCAN application, with several describing the process as “easy”. That said, others expressed that there should be changes. Many of them say there should be a paper option.

With a dossier from the Canadian Press.

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