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Binance has been dedicated since its inception to advancing global financial freedom. Crypto assets have made this possible, and fostering their acceptance will have a significant impact on social and financial inclusion by working hard to achieve the goals by creating great products, hiring the best team, and engaging with our community. – but we can still do more.

Purpose of Binance Global Advisory Board Clearly Defined

“We always put our users first, and that has served as a very effective North Star for us over the past five years of exciting and unprecedented growth,” Zhao said. “With the ATM, we are strengthening our ability to manage regulatory complexity by tapping into the highest level of expertise available anywhere in the world. This collaboration between Binance and leading ATM experts demonstrates our focus on compliance, transparency, and ensuring a collaborative relationship with the world’s regulators as they craft sensible regulations around the world.

Humility is one of the company’s guiding principles. The ATM will be extremely helpful in this situation. The authority has established a global presence and actively engaged with leaders in countries ranging from France to the United Arab Emirates.

It has been inspiring to see many of these countries take the lead and embrace a future in which crypto and blockchain are major economic forces. We understand that licensing and regulations will require a lot of discussion and compromise, but the trend is clear: many countries want to find a positive path.

With the rapid development of Web3, cryptos and blockchain technology, Binance must draw on its knowledge, diverse experiences, and background to help us navigate properly and successfully in such a dynamic industry.

Why Binance’s Global Advisory Board is Needed Now

Many community members might wonder why we are now forming the Global Advisory Council. The answer is simple and obvious. Me and Binance, as a company, believe that a tipping point for mass adoption of crypto is fast approaching.

With this change clearly on the horizon, Binance’s industry leadership role must be honed and managed with growing expertise and experience. While they have increased our focus on regulatory compliance and transparency, they want to ensure that Binance continues to rely on their expert strategic advice.

However, they will work together to solve the most complex regulatory, compliance, political and social issues that we, as a company, and the entire crypto industry will face today and in the future. . I am honored that our company has the credibility to bring together such distinguished individuals to serve within our GAB.

At this critical stage, no one alone can solve all the problems that require careful thought.. Binance will benefit greatly from input from people with government and industry experience and significant and strategic relationships and subject matter expertise.

The needs are vast and the standards are high, but the GAB membership does a great job of meeting them. From former U.S. Senator to prominent economists and global business leaders, I find myself in the company of an esteemed and accomplished group of people who will continue to share Binance’s mission, values, and vision.

Commitment to creating responsible regulation

Convening an ATM with this caliber of leaders demonstrates Binance’s commitment to developing trusting and cooperative relationships with regulators as they craft sensible regulations. worldwide.

We accept responsibility for leading the industry forward and helping regulators in their efforts to establish a global regulatory and compliance framework for the industry. Good regulation will encourage continued technological innovation.

They will protect the core value propositions of crypto freedom and empowerment while ensuring that the appropriate safeguards are in place to protect consumers. The Binance GAB will allow us to continue to demonstrate what our organization is capable of and set a shining example for the blockchain industry.

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