Antonio Brown roasted by ProFootballTalk for Bruce Arians jab


You again?

You again?
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Antonio Brown, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver ventured into another career outside of football. Since NFL teams seem to be done with Brown, he tried his hand at NFL “reporting” Wednesday morning on Twitter. And for his efforts, Brown was called out by ProFootballTalk. Brown applauded former Bucs head coach Bruce Arians after he was allegedly reprimanded for his behaviour on the sidelines in Sunday’s win over the Saints.

Brown surely thought it would be funny to poke fun at his former coach, but he couldn’t even get it right. ProFootballTalk’s social media didn’t have it and called out AB for not linking to the story he referenced, which was theirs.

Pettiness like this and Brown’s general attitude is what keeps him out of football right now. Whichever version of the story you believe of AB’s mid-game Tampa Bay exit, the fact is, it’s over and everyone’s moved on. Ok, everyone except Brown. That’s not to say Arians didn’t earn a good ruckus like he did on Sunday, but Brown didn’t need to be the only one saying that.

AB literally left his team in the environment of a game. In any sport, this is one of the most significant offenses in terms of field/field product. Leaving in the middle of the game, taking off the team jersey and hanging out with everyone is a horrible look. In some football locker rooms, that’s enough to warrant a kick in the ass. I’m not advocating this, I’m just stating facts.

Arians shouldn’t go unscathed in this, either. His antics and part played in the brawl that ensued after his back and forth with Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore shouldn’t go unmentioned. Footage that has surfaced looks like Arians may have instructed Mike Evans to get back out there and protect his quarterback. Arians knows the history between Evans and Lattimore as well as anyone. For his retaliation, Evans was suspended one game and Arians got a warning from the league.

Why the hell was Arians on the sideline anyway? He resigned as head coach to take a front office position. It seems like this should be a bigger deal and warrant more than a warning. Arians is on the sideline doing his best 1990s Jerry Jones impression while allegedly causing a team brawl. Suspend his butt for a game and send a message.

On top of that, the optics of Arians walking up and down the sideline don’t look good. He supposedly wanted to give Todd Bowles another chance to be an NFL head coach, then it only took two weeks for Arians to come down and show him up by acting like a lunatic. If you want to coach, then coach, but once you take a front office gig, let the new coach run his team. The 70-year-old former head coach says all the right things, but Sunday’s action didn’t match his sentiment.

As for Brown, it’s unclear whether he’ll get another shot in the NFL at that time. He certainly doesn’t deserve one after several off-field incidents, including allegations of sexual assault, and then all of his football-related missteps. Rapping could be AB’s best outlet, or he could continue to work on his journalism skills. Either way is more plausible than landing him on an NFL team anytime soon.

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