Alexander Volkanovski pays tribute to José Aldo


Featherweight Champion and No. 1-class pound for pound fighter Alexander Volkanovski recently paid tribute to recently retired Legend Jose Aldo.

The King of Rio calls it a career 👑 Congratulations @JoseAldoJunior on a legendary run 👏

Speaking on his YouTube channel, current featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski paid tribute to “GOAT” featherweight Jose Aldo, saying:

“I still have him as featherweight goat just because what he’s done for the sport. So many defenses and stuff like that. I’m coming for that status. I’ll be honest, I’m coming for that, but yeah , he’s got it. He’s the main thing – he brought a lot of us into the sport. I still remember watching him before I even started and he was always competitive until now, always on top, crazy legacy.

“The Great” went on to add:

“A lot of times I think about how many times people thought he was over and dusted. He’d have a loss and then come back and kick a** again and still look as quick as ever. The reason why everyone loves him so much is talented, very technical, skillful, but he is very respectful A real martial artist is what he is, a real martial artist Very good skillfully, technically, explosive, very respectful so a real martial artist and I think that’s why a lot of people still give him so much respect.”

As great as Alexander Volkanovski was, he thinks he still hasn’t caught Jose Aldo as the greatest featherweight of all time. He recently shared similar sentiments on Twitter when congratulating Aldo on his retirement.

Watch Alexander Volkanovski’s full tribute to Jose Aldo below:

youtube cover

Can Alexander Volkanovski catch Jose Aldo as the featherweight GOAT?

Shockingly though, Alexander Volkanovski is only three title defenses away from tying Jose Aldo’s UFC featherweight record of seven title defenses. Volkanovski share that he is looking to compete for the lightweight championship, so it remains to be seen if he will put his fifth title defense on hold.

Volkanovski currently doesn’t have a fight scheduled, but there are plenty of options as he’s only fought three fighters in the featherweight top ten.

Volkanovski’s praise for Aldo should come as no surprise. Heading into UFC 266, nearly two and a half years after their fight, he was still giving credit to the retired legend.

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