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The purpose of the symposium is to foster open discussions between AEGIS-equipped ships and AEGIS technical experts to assist supervisors and trained operators to maximize combat system effectiveness. Capt. Joe Ring, commanding officer of Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific, mentioned that the symposium focused on the attendees and the challenges they face when it comes to combat systems equipment. Captain John Bowman, Major Program Manager, PEO IWS 1.0F (AEGIS Fleet Readiness), emphasized the importance of providing ships with enough equipment to be self-sufficient before leaving the dock.

“This symposium provides attendees with a forum to discuss the challenges they face regarding combat systems equipment,” Ring said. “This is a great opportunity to bring perspectives, expertise and knowledge from across the fleet with the program office and industry.”

Following these technical readiness presentations and Captain Ring’s statement of “equal voice, equal value”, the fleet was able to stimulate conversations and receive feedback from sailors from the Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet and connect local experts to maximize fleet operations and support activities. With the floor open for discussion, NCOs and Combat Systems Chiefs expressed their personal experiences with AEGIS and their ability to operate these systems. The conversations that took place aligned with Kitchener’s emphasis on self-sufficiency and staying ready to fight.

The mission of the Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific is to manage the overall combat capability of the Surface Combatant Force based at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH), HI; coordinate through the Fleet Response Plan (FRP) cycle the manning, operations, combat systems, engineering, maintenance, training, logistics, administration and support of assigned units to achieve the highest levels of combat readiness.

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