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Adam Levine came under fire this week when the 43-year-old brown five the leader was accused of having an affair by an Instagram model Sumner Stroh, 21. On Sept. 19, Sumner posted a video to his TikTok, which included text messages allegedly sent to him by Adam. In the graphic texts, Adam reportedly wrote that it was “unreal how sexy she was”. In his first video, which may be to see by clicking hereSumner claimed she had a year-long affair with Adam, which ended in late 2021. However, she revealed that in June, Adam – whose wife, Behati Prinsloo34, is pregnant with their third child – once again dropped into his DM to ask if he would be ok with him naming his unborn baby after him.

After the video went viral, Adam posted a statement on his Instagram denying having had a physical affair with Sumner. He wrote: “I exercised poor judgment in speaking with someone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I didn’t have an affair, nonetheless, I crossed the line during an unfortunate time in my life.” But that’s not all. In the days following Adam’s release of his statement, three more women have come forward to claim that Adam sent them flirtatious text messages during his marriage to Behati – and they came with the receipts to prove it!Although Adam probably thought it was over by then, the fun had just begun – as social media turned her heartbreaking situation into a hilarious meme mania! HollywoodLife collected four funny memes from TikTok, which is the platform it all started on. Check them!


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♬ original sound – Courtiinee

In a hilarious meme, TIkTok user @courtinee decided to impersonate Adam using a scene from the movie Happy Gilmorefeaturing Adam Sandler, 56. She captioned the video, “POV: Adam Levine trying to do some damage control at home.” Ironically, both men are named Adam. In the video, he said, “I’m stupid, you’re smart. I was wrong, you were right. You are the best, I am the worst. You are beautiful, I am not attractive.


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♬ Memories – Brown 5

The next meme we picked featured Kermit the Frog looking downcast. An Adam Levine song playing in the background and the caption above Kermit read, “Today I learned that Adam Levine is married to a VS model. Then I learned that he had cheated on her after 8 years of marriage when she was pregnant with their 3rd child. And 3 seconds later, I learned that he wanted to give the child he was expecting the first name of his mistress. Wait, I need a minute.


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♬ original sound – LuneMeme – FOLLOW FOR MEMES

The next hilarious viral meme poked fun at Adam’s situation using lyrics from his hit song, “She Will Be Loved.” In the caption, TikTok user @lunememe wrote, “Adam already told us.” The song played in the background, which included the lyrics, “I drove for miles and miles and ended up at your doorstep. I’ve had you so many times, but somehow I want more. Clearly, the lyrics suggest that Adan is suggesting that he “wants more” than his wife, Behati.


Adam Levine has been busy! 😅 #fyp #Boston #Adam #AdamLevine #for you #drama #green screen

♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

In the final video, which is perhaps the most believable, TikTok user @everydaymaggie poses in front of messages allegedly sent to him by Adam. With a heavy Boston accent, she said, “I just wanted to show up. It’s embarrassing to say this, but Adam Levine also DMed me. Hey Shawty, that Boston accent. You wanna put ketchup on my Philly Frank? Do you want to send me pictures of your feet? She ended the video by asking, “Excuse me, do you have a wife?”

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