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Even more than two decades later, nothing is as striking as the flashbacks of the ’90. Between nostalgic sitcomsclassic hip-hopour favorite boy bands, and, yes, even mom jeans, the iconic rhinestone-adorned era is the decade that keeps on giving, no matter how old we are. But more so, the 90s gave us some of the hottest looks that also double as perfect. Halloween costumes.

Every year like clockwork, all of us 90s kids are grown adults until the spooky season arrives. Then it’s time to raid our closets and local thrift stores for clothes to help us dress up as our favorite 90s characters, pop icons or famous movie stars. If you miss your childhood days, get nostalgic dressing up in a costume that reminds you of the grunge-soaked era. Whether the The Spice GirlsTLC, Dionne and Cher from “clueless“, Janet Jackson from “Poetic Justice” or Elaine from “Seinfeld”, dress like someone which reminds us of arguably the best decade ever is always a good idea.

From TV shows from the 90s to music videos, the possibilities are limitless! Give your Halloween costume a blast from the past with some of the fun ideas to come.

– Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Haley Lyndes

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