33 Neutral Items Perfect for Fall


I don’t know about you, but something about the cooler weather makes me want to put all the color in my wardrobe. Now if you are new yorker, you may not have any colors in your wardrobe, but as a bicoastal girl myself, my closet has tons of bright and bold pieces. But as I mentioned before, this was the summer version of my style. As we speed into the fallit’s time to welcome warm, minimalist and neutral tones.

I’m talking about black, white, heather grey, warm beige and chocolate brown. While these aren’t the only colors I’ll be wearing all season, they’re definitely the staple color palette of my fall/winter wardrobe. To me, these shades are classic, chic, and elevated, and they can even make affordable pieces from H&M and Zara look expensive. I went shopping during a storm to get ready for fall, and as someone who sets the bar high when it comes to my outfits, I’m not playing this season. I’ve rounded up 33 chic neutral finds to help me have my most stylish fall yet.

Keep scrolling to see the items I can’t wait to wear.

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