20 beauty gems to buy from Nordstrom while they’re on sale


In fact, yesterday, as I was about to restock my dwindling stock of Beautyblenders, setting spray, brow gel and lash primer, I saw, with holy excitement, that a ton of my all time products favorite beauty products– you know – the exact staples that I use every day or every time I apply my makeup – were for sale at Nordstrom for a very limited time. (Until October 2, to be exact.) Obviously, I went bananas. And for the rest of the sale, you have the possibility to do the same! I recommend going crazy because a lot of products that are up to 15% off at this time, rarely see this bold red discount. Below, shop my editor-curated list of beauty gems that I not only love, but would immediately add to your cart if I had the power to do so. Keep scrolling!

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